SmartSafe+ is a phone app that can help you collect evidence to obtain or prove a breach of a family violence intervention order. At the moment, it’s only suitable for people living in Victoria, Australia, and it may not be the safest option for everyone – take the safety assessment to see whether SmartSafe+ is right for you.

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SmartSafe+ is developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria and is an extension of the SmartSafe program, which aims to increase women’s safety using technology.

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    Assess your safety

    Take the safety assessment to help you decide whether SmartSafe+ is safe for you to use. SmartSafe+ is an ‘app within an app’ which you can use to collect and securely store evidence for family violence intervention orders and in some cases may increase risks to safety. Making sure that you are safe is more important than collecting evidence. If it is not currently safe for you to use SmartSafe+, you can use our service directory to find local assistance and read our Tech Tips to increase your tech safety and knowledge.

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    Collect Evidence

    SmartSafe+ allows you to use your phone to create a private evidence diary and securely save this evidence off-device, in the ‘cloud’. If your safety assessment results indicate that SmartSafe+ is safe for you to use, you can download the app to start using it on your phone. You can record evidence as pictures/video, voice memos and text diary entries, and use this evidence to help you obtain or prove a breach of a family violence intervention order. You can choose to be able to view this evidence from within the SmartSafe+ app and/or download your evidence diary via email.

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    Access support and info

    As well as collecting and saving evidence from your phone, SmartSafe+ provides tips on tech safety and contact information for services to help you stay safe. You can access these from within the SmartSafe+ app or from this website.

Tech Tips

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Some abusers use a victim’s email and other accounts to impersonate and cause harm. Safer password practices include: Changing your passwords...